How to Remove Dog Hair

Removing Dog Hair from Carpet & Upholstery Made Easy

While there are certain steps that can be taken to minimize the quantity of dog hair that accumulates in a car’s interior there’s always some rogue hairs that embed themselves in the carpet and upholstery. Whether man’s best friend is riding in the back seat on a waterproof pet hammock, or lounging in the cargo area on a quilted cargo cover, regular pet hair removal is still important. Depending on how many dogs and how much they shed will determine what kind of pet hair removal tool is right for the job Rubber dish gloves, pet hair brushes, and the ‘Drill Brush’ are all capable of effectively removing embedded dog hair from the carpet/upholstery fibers.

Rubber dish gloves are the most cost effective options when it comes to removing dog hair from the carpet or upholstery. This method is great for removing a small quantity of dog hair but not recommended for larger jobs. The friction created by rubbing the rubber glove on the carpet or upholstery generates quite a bit of heat which can cause the glove to get uncomfortably hot after just a few minutes.

Pet hair removal brushes are great for removing light to medium dog hair accumulation. These brushes have dozens of tiny rubber bristles that utilize friction to lift embedded dog hair from the fibers. Pet hair removal brushes clean a larger area compared to rubber dish gloves which helps reduce the quantity of time needed to complete an interior detail.

If there is a heavy accumulation of dog hair, then the ‘Drill Brush’ is the only way to effectively get the job done. When a car’s interior reaches a certain level of contamination more aggressive cleaning methods are a must. Even though the ‘Drill Brush’ is spreading the dog hair around the cargo area making a more widespread mess, it will still be easier to vacuum up afterwards. Dog hair must be dislodged from the carpet or upholstery fibers in order for the vacuum to effectively remove it.

The cargo area of this Volkswagen Touareg is regularly inhabited by a Yellow Labrador who uses the carpet for shoulder and back massages. Removing loose dog hair is one thing but when the hair is embedded deep into the fibers it can make the removal much harder. In a matter of minutes the ‘Drill Brush’ was able to fully dislodge all of the dog hair that had accumulated over the past year. If a rubber dish glove or pet hair removal brush were being used it would have taken hours to remove such a large quantity of dog hair. Not to mention the wear and tear on your shoulders and arms from having to make thousands of cleaning passes. The ‘Drill Brush’ is not only a real time saver but it helps preserve your energy. Car detailing is very physically demanding and any equipment that reduces the impact on your body is worth its weight in gold.